Customized solutions

Development and setup of customized solutions within Digital Signage (Info screens), Industrial systems as well as Server and IoT Management.

We work with customized solutions

At Nord Technology, we have specialized in the development and implementation of tailor-made solutions for over two decades, with great expertise in Linux-based systems. Our consulting company is your partner in the creation of advanced solutions within:

Digital Signage (Info screens): We deliver dynamic and flexible info screens that improve the customer experience and streamline communication in a number of industries.

Industrial Systems and IoT Management: Our tailored solutions support robust and high-performance operations, ideal for industrial environments that require error-free operation and maximum uptime.

With our proprietary platforms such as SignDesk and IoTDesk as well as carefully selected software solutions, we ensure optimal operation and management of your IoT devices and server infrastructures.

We offer full support throughout the entire implementation process, from initial advice to final installation, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance. This ensures that your company gets maximum benefit from the investments with minimal disruption.

Digital signage solutions

We are a total supplier of info screen solutions, from setup and hardware / screens to system, teaching and subsequent graphics / content work.

IoT desk - We can help you get started with the latest network technologies and advice your on your needs

IoT Desk management

IoTDesk is a management platform for IoT devices, where configuration, maintenance and data exchange are managed centrally and securely via a cloud-based web interface.

Customized solutions - cases


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