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We help you with IT security and GDPR compliance – and take it down to a practical level


Does your company comply with GDPR regulations?
Are you sufficiently protected against cybercrime?

Digitization and the use of IT in general places great demands on good IT security and on some good and secure routines. In addition, there are requirements for compliance with the Data Protection Regulation ((EU GDPR). We have made it our specialty to advise and help companies with IT security and protection against cybercrime as well as help with personal data and GDPR handling and take it down to an understandable and practical level.

What does your company need – the process?

What your company needs depends, among other things, the size of the company, which skills already exist in the company and which industry the company works within. We start by getting to know your company with an initial meeting and sparring about your company’s needs.


  • We assess the company’s current level of IT security and prepare a security profile.
  • We assess the extent to which GDPR is complied with and handled on a daily basis.
  • Based on this, we prepare a non-binding offer that matches your needs and come up with a proposal for a roadmap for further work.
  • If you wish to continue with us as a sparring partner and advisor, the work will begin and the roadmap will be evaluated continuously.
Your company's digital security
Kevin Peter Gade CEO Nord Technology

Kevin Peter Gade

Who are we

Kevin Peter Gade is a certified personal data specialist who works hands-on with concrete cases within IT security and protection against cybercrime as well as help with personal data and GDPR handling.

Eva Maria Olsen has experience within Data Science, Medtech and has, among other things, worked hands-on with ISO certification projects, management of quality assurance and ISAE certification preparation.

From our other team and network of business partners, we are supplemented by IT security specialists and lawyers.

Together, we cover the needs of SMEs.

Are you ready to get started?

Feel free to call Tel. +45 7027 0415

Or write to us. We would like to hear from you and have a non-binding chat about how things are at your company and what needs you have.

We use DPO-Advisor and ERAMBE

Two good tools to get started with the data security.

DPO-Advisor – a template-based online tool for GDPR

For many, especially smaller companies, we use the DPO Advisor tool to get started with the GDPR work. The system is simple to use and is based on a template that makes it quick to get in place with good basic documentation. Data processors can be created in the system, a list of IT systems etc. can be maintained.


DPO advisor
DPO Advisor

ERAMBA – for the more advanced GRC tasks

(Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

We are certified users of the GRC system ERAMBA. A strong open source software solution for risk management and compliance. In this tool, a structure can be built for control-based work with ISO certification, IT security work, GDPR, Awareness training, etc. The set-up is adapted specifically to the needs of the individual company and is a crucial component when more complex compliance projects need to be anchored in an organisation.


Primary areas we work with:

  • IT security and protection against cybercrime
  • Personal data / GDPR advice
  • Competence development and Awareness training
  • Data processor agreements and privacy policies
  • Operation and process optimization
  • Advice on the choice of technology and solutions
  • Digitization projects and help in applying for grants
  • CIS-18 security controls
  • NIS2, ISAE 3000, ISAE 3402
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