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At Nord Technology, we select brands from reliable suppliers who sell products of particularly good quality and which fit into our range of industrially suitable PC and server products, IoT Gateways, Panel PCs, Displays and Network equipment.

We sell hardware from Compulab

We are the Nordic representative for the hardware manufacturer CompuLab. A leading manufacturer of industrial embedded hardware for 30 years.

We sell hardware from Taicenn Technology

Manufacturer of displays, Panel PC and PC products with a focus on high stability, quality and a long delivery guarantee.

We sell hardware from Giada Technology

A global brand with strong focus producing stable hardware for Digital Signage and IoT for office and educational environments.

We sell hardware from SolidRun SolidRun

Develops and produces innovative embedded systems and network solutions for the industrial market.

We sell hardware from Shuttle

They were first with the Mini ITX motherboard size and have continued to focus on innovative small form-factor computers for semi-industrial needs.

We sell hardware from Teltonika Teltonika Networks

Technology and production company with a focus on industrial network products for IoT and M2M communication.


JHCTECH focuses on the development and production of industrial computers and system application platforms.


Manufactures all kinds of digital screens with the highest quality standards and with a focus on introducing new technologies.

Jetway Computer Corp., specializes in the development and marketing of industrial motherboards and computer equipment Jetway

Jetway specializes in the development and marketing of motherboards, barebones and panel PCs in particular.

We sell products from Sophos

Develops security software and produces hardware to protect users, PCs and servers as well as networks.

We sell software from Windows

We are a Microsoft IoT and OEM Partner and can supply our products with Windows IoT Enterprise installation and software setup.

We sell hardware from Cervoz

Produces components for the industrial market, with a particular focus on SSD, RAM and embedded expansion modules.

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