Nord Technology is a distributor for

Nord Technology is a distributor for Compulab

Compulab – leading manufacturer of industrial embedded hardware

CompuLab is a leading manufacturer of System-on-Module and Computer-on-Module products, IoT gateways and fanless industrial computers.

Compulab products are used in medical devices, transportation, industrial automation, telecommunications, aerospace and marine systems, and countless other applications.

Compulab – Leading manufacturer of industrial embedded hardware.

  • ARM system on modules | Computer on Modules – CompuLab System-on-Modules are fully featured single-board computers designed for integration into custom applications through miniature high-density connectors. CompuLab modules are supported with full BSPs and equipped to run images for Linux, Android and WinCE.
  • IoT Gateways – CompuLab IoT Gateways are highly customizable and cost-effective industrial systems designed for Internet of Things connectivity and remote control and monitoring applications.
  • Industrial PCs – State-of-the-art miniature fanless PCs that are extremely small, very low power consumption and have more features than any other PC in their category.
  • Single Board Computers – CompuLab offers a range of single board computers based on technologies derived from other CompuLab products.

Selection of Compulab products

Industrial embedded hardware, System-on-Module and Computer-on-Module products, IoT gateways and fanless industrial computers.

Compulab - fitlet2

Compulab fitlet2

State of the art – miniature – fanless design

fitlet2 is designed as a metal 3D puzzle with interlocking parts. It is very easy to disassemble for installation of RAM, storage and expansion cards.

Compulab fitlet3

Compulab fitlet3

fitlet3 is barely 133mm X 100mm X 35mm, with advanced heat transfer and dissipation from internal components. Rigid, durable, fanless housing for harsh environments.

Compulab aritop3

Compulab airtop3

Airtop3 is a robust fanless IoT edge server with remarkable performance, features and cooling. The robust aluminum housing is specially designed to generate natural airflow of the waste heat from the CPU and GPU, enabling the Airtop3 to dissipate up to 300W without the use of a fan and operate at a wide temperature range.

Compulab Tensor-I20

Compulab Tensor-I20

The Tensor-I20 is a highly configurable industrial PC with endless possibilities. Enclosure size, cooling elements, internal and external interfaces – all configurable. Any of the many Tensor-I20 variations can be selected or a custom configuration can be built.

Compulab profile

CompuLab is a manufacturer of computer-on-module and system-on-module products and a well-known manufacturer of miniature fanless PCs for embedded and industrial applications. CompuLab was founded in 1992 and has been manufacturing computer-on modules since 1997 and fanless. -PCs since 2008.

CompuLab products are used in telecommunications systems, automotive equipment, gaming systems, medical equipment, aerospace and marine systems and countless other applications and can be found in thousands of products.

Recognized as the smallest, most durable and highly integrated PCs in the industry, CompuLab fit-PC and Intense PC computers are integrated with thousands of applications ranging from robotics and airborne to signage and surveillance systems.

CompuLab products are manufactured and tested in the company’s own facilities in Yokneam, Israel. The products are CE certified and RoHS compliant.

Nord Technology is a distributor for Compulab

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