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Tailor-made technological solutions with a focus on robust hardware, IT security and digital innovation.

hardware of particularly good quality

At Nord Technology, we work with customized and standard IT solutions, and we select products that have in common that they are hardware of particularly good quality. Among our range of products and solutions suitable for industry, you will find industrial PCs and monitors, digital signage, IoT gateways and IoT platforms, embedded hardware and network equipment. We specialize in Windows IoT Enterprise and Linux installation and software setup.

Box PCs

Taicenn T-box



Compulab fitlet3



SolidRun - The Bedrock series

The Bedrock series


Box Pcér

Nord Technology offers robust Box PCs, ideal for industrial and IoT projects. They are built to deliver reliable performance under demanding conditions. With our expertise in Linux and IT security, each machine is configured to meet the highest standards of data security.

Industrial screens for all purposes

Panel Pc


panel PC


industrial monitor


Industrial screens for all purposes

We supply screens for installation and for harsh environments with low/high temperatures, dust or water. Choosing the right screen for the production or project is always important. We offer technical advice and short delivery times.

Network and M2M data connections





TSW202 and TSW212


Network and M2M data connections

Good network connection is important. For data collection, remote access or control. It requires stable equipment, the right choice of antenna, data subscription, etc. With equipment from Teltonika, we deliver strong 4G and 5G connections and solutions for remote management of networks, gateways and other connected equipment. We also help with your IoT data subscriptions.

Antennas, Modems and expansion modules





EM 7421

Sierra wireless

Antennas, Modems and expansion modules

It can be time-consuming to select the right components, get software and drivers configured correctly and ensure stable deliveries to production. We have a strong network of suppliers within antennas (4G/5G/GPS/WiFi), modems and other Mini PCIe and M.2 expansion modules for your production.

Customized solutions



Software development

software management

Customized solutions

When we nevertheless prepare and test the hardware, we can often take over a number of fixed preparation and production tasks at the same time. It saves time and ensures a uniform delivery. For several of our customers, we are responsible for complete assembly, cabling and labeling in cabinets and IP-protected cabinets or other customer-specific adaptation.

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