GDPR has a 5 year anniversary

25 May 2018 GDPR entered into force

– 5 year anniversary today

You can say a lot about the legislation and it is certainly a subject that divides people. Many have had difficulty getting started with the work, some may not have started at all. But one thing is certain, GDPR has changed the way we approach the processing of personal data, it has changed the debate and in many way sharpened the focus on doing better, taking better care of the data and working more properly and more securely.

How are things going today?

For a large part, it has become everyday. Companies and associations that prioritize work with GDPR and IT security and have built up a certain structure with the handling of personal data and with ongoing follow-up and control. For a still large part, we find that it is unfortunately still a little difficult. The reasons for this might be, because it is difficult, lack of time and for some, the efforts to avoid the big work that you might think unnecessary, instead end up demanding the resources that should have been used.

There is a lot of help out there now, guides and templates

So here on the 5th anniversary, I would like to make a clear recommendation. A lot of what you have to start with in relation to GDPR compliance is not rocket science. That is a lot of low-hanging fruit and there is a lot of help to be had. We are today in a completely different place compared to guides and templates and the opportunity to seek help than we were 5 years ago.

Specifically, you can, especially if you are a small company, start by looking at the Danish Data Protection Authority’s new GDPR Universe for small companies:
There are 7 specific steps you can start looking at and much of it, you can easily do yourself.

All initiatives that create a better overview of used systems and services, cleaning up files and data and saved emails, that you are critical of the system suppliers and data processors you use, the apps you install and think a little about your IT security. It all helps, it’s all important. The most important thing is to just get started!

Offer for a non-binding online meeting

Here on the 5th anniversary, also an offer from Nord Technology. We would like to offer that you can contact us and arrange a time for a non-binding meeting, where we will have an online chat about how you work with GDPR and IT security in your business.

What do you think is difficult, how can you get started, do you lack inspiration for the work or organization of it? We take the pulse of how things are going with GDPR and also how things are going with IT security, they go hand in hand. We would like to help with that and try to see if we can contribute to send you in a better direction. As I said, you can do a lot yourself!

Contact us. We work with GDPR and IT security on a daily basis and have many years of experience to draw on and many examples of how to approach the task, read more here. For small businesses, the task can often be completed in a few days. We also collaborate with larger companies, where you do not necessarily finish, but where it has simply become part of a ongoing work. There are all sorts of levels of this and ways of approaching it.

So no excuses. Get started on the work if you haven’t already! It’s good for security, it’s good for the people whose data you process and it’s also really good for the company.

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