Nord Technology and Teltonika: A Successful Partnership

Close collaboration with Teltonika

Teltonika Networks are known for their reliable and secure 4G routers and gateways for industrial purposes, IoT and M2M installations. For more than 20 years, they have optimized and developed their portfolio of network products, all of which are produced and quality assured from the headquarters in Europe. Read more about Teltonika her

Last year we entered into a dealer agreement, where Nord Technology has the opportunity to sell Teltonika Network’s full range, at competitive prices. Nord Technology now has a close collaboration with Teltonika and their products have become an important part of many of our solutions for the customer.

We have a strong focus on IoT solutions, and our collaboration with Teltonika has opened up exciting opportunities within this rapidly growing area. Our range of products has been carefully selected to fit perfectly with our IoT focus, which you can read more about here.


Here are some of the most requested and popular products from Teltonika:

Teltonika TSW100

PoE+ Gigabit Switch

Teltonika TSW100, a 5-port PoE+ Gigabit switch with 120 watt power management. This switch provides reliable network connectivity and enables easy power supply for devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones and IoT devices. It is perfect for creating efficient network infrastructures.

Teltonika TSW100

Teltonika PR1KCS28

Compact and Efficient Antenna

Teltonika PR1KCS28 is an innovative combo antenna with strong SISO mobile, GNSS and WiFi reception. This antenna is ideal for improving connectivity in vehicles and industrial applications. With an SMA connection and 3 meter cable, it lays a solid foundation for reliable communication.

Teltonika PR1KCS28

Teltonika RUT955

Industrial LTE/4G Cat 4 Router

For industries that require reliable Internet access in all conditions, the Teltonika RUT955 offers an ideal solution. This industrial LTE/4G Cat 4 router delivers fast and stable internet connection in harsh environments. With built-in firewall and VPN support, data security is top class.

Teltonika RUT955

Teltonika RUT241

Industrial LTE/4G Wireless Router

Teltonika RUT241 is another strong addition to Nord Technology’s range. This industrial LTE/4G wireless router is designed to ensure reliable wireless Internet access in critical situations. It is suitable for building stable networks in remote areas.

Teltonika RUT241

Customized solutions

For several of our customers, we are responsible for complete assembly, cabling and labeling in cabinets and IP-protected cabinets or other customer-specific adaptation.

Customized solutions
Kevin Peter Gade CEO Nord Technology

Kevin Peter Gade

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Our partnership provides not only products, but also reliable solutions that meet your needs and expectations.

For more information about these products and how they can meet your specific needs, you are always welcome to contact Nord Technology.

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